Friday, February 22, 2008

Five hundred

The number five hundred is an interesting one.

The year 500 AD was the approximate date of the founding of the Kingdom of Essex. At that time Essex included London, however we later decided we didn't want it because it was rubbish. Still is, never regretted it.

500 BC on the other hand is the semi-arbitrary date when we pass from the bronze to the iron age. I know it was a relief to a great many people when *that* happened.

Sadly it was also the year after Pythagoras, cult-leader -come- maths-teacher, died. There are many rumours regarding his death, but my preference is for the bean field version.

500 is also a Harshad number. I have read the explanation and am none the wiser.

500 is the number of miles the Proclaimers professed they were prepared to walk and, coincidentally, the number in the charts their records get to these days.

Napoleon had a council of the five hundred. There is a picture of him with them to the right. They look a jolly bunch.

This year is the five hundredth anniversary of the start of Michelangelo's great work at the Sistine Chapel. It took four years for him to complete this world famous work. I confess I often leave the decorating half done myself.

There were five hundred miners occupying their mine for 46 days in Budryk, Poland, who won their industrial dispute and a large pay rise a couple of weeks ago.

And lastly, as of this moment, there are five hundred posts on this blog.

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Leftwing Criminologist said...

I did an a levle in further maths and I don't understand the harshad number thing. anyways congrats on reaching 500 posts.