Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gaian Economics: the people's choice

I've been rather slow to announce the results of our people's choice award for the best green blogger 2007, apologies.

I am pleased to announce that Gaian Economics written by Molly Scott Cato (Green Party economics speaker) is the winner with 17% of the popular vote. Congratulations.

Honourable mention should also go to Green Girls Global who came second and The Ecologist Blogs who came a very close third. Transition Culture and Green Jelly Bean both came a respectable fourth and fifth place respectively in the poll of Daily (Maybe) readers. You can see the full list of top twenty UK Green Bloggers here.

Let me assure you there will be no more polls for a little while fun though they be.


Phil BC said...

I was hoping you'd do a 'top ten blogs with the word 'sociologist' in the title ;)

Hope all is well.

Jim Jay said...

You should take it on yourself Phil - that's how the best green blogs appeared.

Academics are actually very under represented on the blogosphere, so something that gave sociology a boost in this more interactive environment would actually be pretty welcome.