Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post 400... blog thoughts

Post number four hundred is reasonably impressive for a blog that was only meant to last thirty days back in July 2006. Back then I warned readers I might be serious and I might misbehave - I think I've fulfilled that to some extent, but never to the extremes you can find elsewhere on the blogosphere. Thank goodness. However, my main worry that it was not sustainable to post regularly over just one month proved rather unfounded.

The cat photos have been few and far between, something I shall attempt to rectify a little here (see right) . There have been a few posts I've felt quite good about, like slating Brian Haw, Superman and Deborah Orr but generally I still think there's much more room for improvement.

My new policy of 'blog of all the talents' (cough) is paying off with hosting debate from the Lib Dems, having a guest post at Ellee Seymour's place, and a chapter in Iain Dale's new book as well as sitting next to the eminent Dave's Part on online TV last month. I can just feel the respectability oozing out of screen as I type.

I've even had high praise from an Anglican priest; "Jim puts together a great, little blog - very informative. It's left wing, radical and green. It's also intelligent, well written and not bombastic. On checking his profile I am pleased to see he passes the "Donnie Darko" test and, musically, he likes Woody Guthrie and The Buzzcocks (which is a combination that indicates a high cool rating)." That's the nicest thing anyone could possibly say without mentioning my extraordinary wit. Cheers.

Before we start thinking about new directions I really do need to finish off my pledge to put my boycotting strategy to the public vote - for which I may need some guest posts on suitable brands / substances to boycott. Nestle and air travel spring to mind to name but two. You can see the current list I've currently blogged on here, if you think I should add something to that list why not write me a guest post and, if it's something I could realistically boycott, I'll add it to the list. The other thing, of course, is I need a guest post on why boycotts are rubbish and don't do any good - just to even things out and give me a fighting chance of continuing to eat meat.

New links and suggestions are also more than welcome. Since my redesign I've been thinking about my blog roll and need to put a bit of effort into updating it - I don't even have all the blogs I read on my rss feed up there (see the highlights, which you can subscribe to here). So for once a bit of self publicising is more than welcome.

I'd like to experiment with a more interactive phase in the life of the Daily (Maybe) so I'll be attempting a bit of an outreach programme for content. It also means we may see more polls, like that for People's Choice Green Blogger (see right hand bar) where it looks like the lead candidates are Gaian Economics, Green Girls Global, Transition Culture and The Ecologist, all deserving potential winners.

Whether this all to the good we shall see, we shall see.


stroppybird said...


Keep up the good work. I like the fact that your blog is calm and thoughtful and looks at issues others don't. Very welcome given the current mood in the blogosphere !
Oh and if you want any cat pics you can always have one of mine, Bob and Beryl :-)

Jim Jay said...

I'm always for cat pics - although I'd have to think of a way to crowbar it into a post - I'm sure I can think of a way :)

a very public sociologist said...

Good to see you're still plugging away, Jim. It might inspire me to blog more regularly, lol.

Renegade Eye said...

Some blogs you might like to add: