Monday, July 23, 2007

No more spin?

Well Brown says there'll be no more spin under his premiership - but I'm going to beg to differ. I've just recieved a Labour leaflet through my door and to say it is disengenuous would be... well... factual.

It starts like this "The political landscape in Cambridge is changing. This year's local elections saw the Liberal Democrats continuing to fragment with Labour making significant inroads gaining a key seat back from the Lib Dems..."

Then there's some guff about Cambridge people once again putting their trust in Labour.

"The results in Cambridge show people are tired of Lib Dem protest politics."

And again on the next page "overall in Cambridge we saw a swing back towards Labour and we regained a seat."

Now to the facts. Both parties started the evening with the same number of seats they ended it with. The two parties did swap one seat. The Lib Dems gained King's Hedges and Labour gained Petersfield.

Now perhaps King's Hedges is a "key seat" and Peterfield is a bit of old rubbish someone found on their shoe, but I don't think so.

How does the result Lib Dem 28 seats (+/- 0) Labour 13 seats (+/- 0) indicate a great Labour revival? Do the "results in Cambridge show people are tired of Lib Dem protest politics" or that "The political landscape in Cambridge is changing"? They don't. It's spin.

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