Friday, March 16, 2007

One more reason why the unions shouldn't give money to Labour

One of UNISON's policies is an opposition to Trident. Another one of their policies is that if they sponsor MPs they get to influence policy and support MPs that will support the things the union believes in in Parliament.

Some UNISON sponsored MP's did vote with UNISON policy. They are;

Alan Simpson, Albert Owen, David Drew, David Heyes, Diane Abbott, Fabian Hamilton, Harry Cohen, Jeremy Corbyn, Jim Devine, Joan Walley, John McDonnell, Katy Clark, Kelvin Hopkins, Michael Meacher, Marsha Singh, Mike Wood, Paul Truswell and Richard Burden.

18 MPs fine and true.

Other UNISON sponsored MPs voted the wrong way;

Adam Ingram, Alan Whitehead, Andrew MacKinlay, Andrew Reed, Andy Burnham, Angela Eagle , Anne Moffat , Ben Chapman, Brian Donohoe, Charlotte Atkins, Dan Norris, David Anderson, David Blunkett, David Borrow, David Taylor, Dawn Primarolo, Des Browne, Diana Johnson, Eric Joyce, Fiona Mactaggart, George Mudie, Gerry Sutcliffe, Gilly Merron, Greg Pope, Hazel Blears, Helen Jones, Jane Kennedy, Jonathan Shaw, Judy Mallaber, Keith Vaz, Laura Moffatt, Linda Gilroy, Lyn Brown, Martin Salter, Mary Creagh, Meg Munn, Paddy Tipping, Patrick Hall, Sadiq Khan, Sharon Hodgson, Stephen Byers, Stephen Hepburn and Terry Rooney.

43 MPs squalid and vile.

Not good enough, not good enough at all. That's union members money going to support these people. And it's not like this is an aberration for most of them. David Blunkett, Keith Vaz, Hazel Blears, Stephen Byers... I mean aren't these the down the line enemies of public service workers?

UNISON (my union incidentally) needs to take a leaf out of the RMT's book who sponsor more Labour MPs now, after their expulsion from the party, than before - and now they actually get to support parliamentarians who support the aims of the union. That means no money for Prescott.

Unions, and the workers they represent, need a political voice and support on a selected basis for MPs and prospective MPs from a number of different parties is a very good idea. Support for the government come fair wind or foul is not. The point of political influence is for the union to influence legislation to the benefit of working people, not for the government to influence the union not to step out of line.

Hat tip: union futures

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