Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cough, cough

Who'd have thought you could get pneumonia from a fire? It's one of those conditions that I associate as being like a terrible, even fatally bad, flu - but of course you can, as I can testify.

Due to great skill and cunning I managed to gulp down huge amounts of smoke on Saturday night and have been rather poorly ever since. I was going to the doctor's yesterday anyway so I mentioned it in passing. She asked me to take my shirt off (any excuse these people) and after a few seconds listening to my lungs I was given the rather surprising news and a slip of paper for Amoxicillin.

I'm looking on the bright side as always, it's a great excuse for all the things I haven't done. Pneumonia is one of those reasons you can give that don't usually get the reply "But can you still come leafleting tomorrow morning?" or "So *when* are you going to help me on my allotment then?" Although I must be careful not to milk it.

The real news is the other thing the doc told me about my much needed specialist appointment. Waiting list at Addenbrokes approx 52 weeks... that's, like, years! Just to see someone!

New Labour... I'm not happy about this "best year ever" thing. Not happy at all. It's not like you've even got pneumonia, which would at least have been an acceptable reason.


stroppybird said...

Look after yourself, or even better get someone to look after you .

Probably you need to rest up. perhaps some light blogging and crap daytime telly :-)

Natalie Bennett said...

I think that definitely gets you out of leafletting! Get well soon.

moll said...

You poor thing! Wrap up warm and look after yourself. Hope you are feeling better soon - ie some time before that appointment comes up!

Jim Jay said...

You're right - I *am* a poor thing... and yet no one has rubbed my head going "oh you poor baby"... it's an outrage!

Bloody New Labour

Noami said...

I had pneumonia once too. It was really crappy and I felt AWFUL!

Sounds an impressive thing to have, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Keep wrapped up warm and be good to yourself :)

Tannice (also from Cambridge).