Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quickly on Scotland

Not much time for proper comment today but I noticed this in Scottish Socialist Voice which may be of interest to some readers.

"New Holyrood poll confirms fighting chance for SSP

"A poll conducted by ICM for The Scotsman at the end of January, finds that 5 per cent of respondents intend to vote for the Scottish Socialist Party in the Holyrood elections in May.

"The SSP polled 3 per cent for the first vote, the constituency seats, and 3 per cent for the second vote, the regional lists.

"But the background reveals that the first 3 per cent is not a duplicate of the second 3 per cent, and something more like 5 per cent intend to vote our way, putting us in line with the Greens who, unlike the SSP, have had only positive media coverage since 2003.

"Given the anger at the government, it is no surprise to see Labour being outpolled by the SNP in both votes, to the tune of 34 to 31 per cent in the first vote, and 33 to 28 per cent in the second.

"Solidarity, the party formed by Tommy Sheridan when he broke from the SSP, polled at 0 per cent."

You can read the actual poll here. I'm surprised that the Greens aren't polling better, particularly at the General Election voter intention, but am delighted to see the SSP are still registering after the terrible year they had last year.


AN said...

From what I can see from this far south the Scottish greens have been quite anonymous. I noticed tis poll in SSV as well, and was impressed.

Wll done for finding the link to the original data.

the intriguing result foreact is a 41% vote for Independecne parties, and 49% for unionists, but the SNP being the largest single party.

Whta a deadlock that is!

Phugebrins said...

"In a further step, ICM add 50% of those who refuse to answer the vote intention question or say they don’t know to the party they voted for in 2005."
That may not be representative for the SSP if there's disillusionment among their supporters.