Thursday, January 11, 2007

Post number 200

Hello, welcome to post number 200 of the blog I launched with the statement "Over the next few weeks I'm going to have a bit of an experiment and see if I can maintain a blog, almost daily, and be able to maintain my interest in the bloody thing." Well, it's more than a few weeks in now, I believe, and it's still going.

So let's recap in that time honoured fashion, lists.

The five most commented on posts (in reverse order)

  • I'm so so sorry for this punHurray for feminism where a post on what the women's liberation movement had done for me turned into a discussion on polyamory.

  • Green blogs Iain Dale's comprehensive round-up of political blogs wasn't as comprehensive as it might have been, missing out greens, anarchists, left of Labour and feminist blogs for a start. I thought I'd fill the green gap and the idea caught fire.
  • Bananas split The split in the Scottish Socialist Party got some pulses racing.
  • 100 best green bloggers results It was a long time coming but we got there in the end - the 100 best green blogs results provoked lots of positive feedback.
  • Immigration waffle An innocent little post, uncontentiously saying the Sun was rubbish and had an agenda on immigration created an all mighty row - that's one way of getting comments on your blog. Cause an upset.

My five favourite posts (in no particular order)

Hold on, that's six. Bother.

OK, it's also time to announce that over the next month I'm going to redesign the blog to make it a bit more spunky. Here's your chance to make suggestions about what you think a good / bad blog looks like. Whether it's a suggestion on colour, links, changing my strap line from "They created a desert and called it East Anglia" or even comments on content. If you want to see less/more attacks on Labour, less/more froth, etc. now's your chance. Obviously I might disregard your suggestions, but I am genuinely interested in people's thoughts on blogging.

My philosophy was, and still is, I blog for me - if other people are interested in what I've got to say then great, if not I'll live with that - what I don't want to do is fall back on cut and paste jobs or do one of those posts apologising for not posting enough. Man, the blogosphere is full of those, why clutter it up with more?

There's a great quote about writer's block which goes something like "If you're having difficulty writing, don't, the world doesn't need another hack." How true, how true. However, I don't think I've quite reached that stage yet.


Ellee said...

Congratulations, that's a great achievement, particularly the list of top 100 green bloggers.

moll said...

The blog is great Jim, I'm really pleased you decided to continue after the month expereiment. My only suggestion would be to make the text font bigger, because I personaly am half blind. I wouldn't dare make any other suggestions because my own blog is so damn dull (I keep meaning to make it look pretty and then can't be arsed)...

Jim Jay said...

Your both lovely - thank you.

I think the top 100 blogs was a bit of an eye openner for me in terms of what can be achieved - being relatively new to blogging (I'm not one year old yet) I'm hoping to develop more of that kind of thing - although different projects of course.

As far as text size goes I wanted to avoid the clunkyness that some blogs seem to wear as a badge of pride and that was part of it. There is always [view - text size - larger] although I realise that is putting the onus on you to change the way it's displayed.

All suggestions from whatever quarter will be particularly useful at this time as I'm drafting up the new look (ie it will be much easier to make changes now than after the redesign)

And your blog is not dull. It just lacks self confidence!

Natalie Bennett said...

On design, my only plea would be to keep dark text on a light background. I HATE trying to read the white on black or variations thereof!

What I did with Blogger was to start with their template and then just fiddle. You'll find it is fairly intuitive, and if you just change one thing at a time and keep a copy of the original, you can just change it back if you stuff up.

Dave Riley said...

Since I just passed 1000...I thought I'd share this homily(adapted):

So it just goes to show what you can do when you aren't doing something else. Two hundred posts....

I am reminded of a line from a T.S. Elliot poem (I think I am anyway):

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

THINKS HARD:I have measured out my life....with what? With blog posts? I have measured out my life... posting to blogs? Yes. I have it. This is it, almost haiku:

I have measured out my life posting.

Wow. That's me being especially profound and literary about the blogger's condition.

Jim Jay said...

NB: absolutely! And there's more than one blog out there who slipped a few places in the best blogs due to that sort of malevolent practice.

Rest assured the main text area will be black on white (although links, etc bit may have a bit of colour - this is yet to be decided)

DaveR: I'm not sure I can improve on this, but this is the best I came up with at short notice (bit negative, sorry).

There was a young man with a blog,
And on the blog he worked like a dog,
He'd post every day,
But with nothing to say,
That dead horse he'd continually flog.

Who can do better?