Friday, January 12, 2007

Green Open Forum

For just less than a year we've been indulging in an experiment to try to bring green activists in Cambridge together all into one room, and then see what benefits this gives people.

It's been rather good I think, helping people feel less isolated, allowing us to network (and a number of campaign groups have come directly out of it) as well as organising a good number of people to go down to last year's national climate chaos demo.

Next week we've got a rather special forum focusing on "effective campaigning" and I'm really looking forward to it. Not just because Sian Berry , who helped launch the anti-4x4 campaigns and has been involved in important events like blockading Faslane, is speaking - although that is a big part of it.

We've also got someone from the council's environment centre coming which I hope is going to serve two purposes. Firstly allow people to meet with him/her (they haven't decided who they're sending yet) and put their cases to them - and also to hear first hand what the best ways of engaging with them are.

Thursday 18th Jan.
8 p.m.
Friends Meeting House
Jesus Lane, Cambridge

Be there or miss out!


mich said...

This may be a point which has already been acted upon or even not worth considering (since I'm not quite sure about the nature of the event you're planning) but, I believe, I'm on the student greens mailing list and I've heard nothing about it. Also, as far as I am aware we are allowed to vote when we are in residence here. So if it's an open event you want to advertise it might be worth telling them to send and e-mail around? I don't know.

Good Luck anyway.

Jim Jay said...

Could you let them know Mich?

mich said...

Sure, I can try, i don't know how quick their response will be but shall I just tell them there's a forum on effective campaigning, time date, place and that anyone is welcome?

Jim Jay said...

Yes please - thank you (you can include my email/phone if you like too)

mich said...

Annoyingly I've just discovered that some of my contacts vanished into the ether in the end of term packing and tidy up... opps... , still if I hear anything in the next couple of days I will pass the message on... sorry

Good Luck anyway