Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Political Step-a-size

Yesterday I did the most exhausting session of leafletting I ever have in my life. Not only was it bucketting with rain but every door on almost every street had six or eight steps leading upto it making the whole thing more like a hardcore session of step aerobics than a quick hour and a half popping things through doors.

Do NOT talk to me about stepsThankfully the by-election will soon be over and I wont have to think about it anymore. Candidate details. But in the meantime - do *not* talk to me about chaffing!

Oddly the LibDems (who currently hold the seat) have choosen to mention the Greens in every leaflet telling the populace a Green vote is a wasted vote. At least that dispels my worry that people would not realise we're standing, thanks LDs.

It is rather hypocritical of them though, seeing as they are using arguments against us that they try to refute in other wards of Cambridge. Although, for me, I simply find it hilarious that they are trying to create a bogey man of "letting the Tory in" when, if that were to happen, they'd be the only Tory on the council - it's not exactly got me shaking in my boots that one, but people may fall for it.

Come Thursday night I'll be able to crack on with all the other things I said I'd do and am only part way through doing. Well, after Saturday which has both the Iraq Occupation Focus conference, which I'm very keen on going to the first half of, and the Bolivia Solidarity national meeting which should be very worthwhile as the campaign is really beginning to gear up. Roll on a much freer diary.


working class hero said...

Hi Jim,
This is a typical tactic of the Lib-Dems (and Labour too). I was leafletting for the Climate Change demo the other week and noticed that they had a stall too, which is something I have never seen before. They were being typical opportunists and trying to capitalise on 'green friendly' policies. Who is standing and in which ward?

working class hero said...

Sorry, also worth mentioning is the People's Assembly, also in London this Saturday called by Stop the War to show solidarity with the Muslim community which has come under attack most ferociously in recent weeks.

Jim Jay said...

Yes the LibDems rightly have a reputation for being dirtiest fighters of the three mainstream parties.

It's interesting they were represented on the march (I saw a small contingent) as the local uni group steadfastly refused to advertise transport or anything.

The by election is in Trumpington and the candidate Ceri Galloway who I did a quick profile of here. Vote is tomorrow.

My views on Islamophobia are probably best summed up by this post from earlier in the year

ps glad to see your back to posting on your blog - I'd taken you off my favourites list as I thought you'd disappeared - I've now put a link back up.

Natalie Bennett said...

Well done with all those steps - sounds like bits of Highgate I know all too well - what is a killer are raised grounds floors AND basements together.

But I have always reckoned we should try to attract leafletters by advertising it as an exercise opportunity - just like the gym and it is free!

Jim Jay said...

I don't think that technique would work on me!

There were basement flats too, I left them out for brevity...