Monday, November 20, 2006

Anonymous posters

You'll all be pleased to see that comments have been unhidden and this blog is once again interactive.

An anonymous poster could be a deadly robot putting us all in dangerI may post about the reasons behind this later in the week, when the results of the Male Principle Speaker election come out - I'll be holding fire until then.

I was asked by email whether I'd annoyed some feminists, which prompted me to go back through my last dozen or so posts to see what on Earth I might have said to make someone assume that - thankfully it's not the case.

Moving on, I've been trying to work out why I dislike anonymous posters so much. Here are some jumbled thoughts in the form of a bulletted list (symbolically representing other bullets that their comments conjure up for me)

  • Anonymous posters almost always post something narky... leading me to believe they have deliberately posted anonymously, rather than simply being unfamiliar with the technology, or accidently logged themselves out - which is, of course, perfectly acceptable.
  • In which case they are untrustworthy.
  • If there was a fire - I wouldn't know if everyone had escaped the blog safely.
  • How do you develop a relationship with someone who wont tell you their name?
  • How do you have a proper conversation with them, or are they just here to throw around unpleasantnesses?
  • If an anonymous person makes an accusation, you are unclear if this is a person with a track record of honesty / lying, do they have special knowledge or a tedious hobby horse? They may even be hypocritically accusing someone of something they do themselves.
  • It's rude - and manners are very important.
  • It's an ineffective way of arguing as no one takes an anonymous comment as seriously as a signed one.

Now, I've no intention of banning, through blog magic, anonymous posters, but I will make the point that if you are unable to log in / have no account or whatever just sign your name at the bottom of the post - it's not hard and at the end of the day your comment will be taken more seriously PLUS you wont be sneaking around. No one likes a sneak do they?


Anonymous said...

If you've got an okayish counter, you can sometimes work out who an anonymous person is.
You can certainly deduce somebody pretending to be multiple anonymous posters is in fact the same person.

It's difficult to have anonymity on the interweb.

Jim Jay said...

I can get IP addresses.. which slueth-like I could probably work something out about the poster - and perhaps more... I'd just rather people didn't hide their identity - irksome I calls it.

LeftyHenry said...

I appreciate all comments on the blog, but I see what you mean about anonymous posters. Sometimes I'd like to track them down.