Friday, October 13, 2006

Stalinism? You must be joking!

There was a great documentary on the other night about the jokes people told in the Eastern Bloc during the cold war. Very, very funny (some of them) and pretty scary too.Would you Adam and Eve it?

One of the best ones (that I can remember) was about three people standing in a Museum looking at a painting of Adam and Eve (like the one to your right) one was English, one French, and one Russian.

The English person says "Ah, you can tell they're English because the Lady is covering herself up. Very modest and proper."

The French person says "Non, non, non. They are clearly French. They stand naked in the sun just as nature intended."

The Russian says "Comrades, comrades - you are both wrong I'm sad to say. They are clearly Russian. They have no clothes and just a single apple to eat yet still they are told they live in Paradise."


Anonymous said...

East German joke...

Under capitalism some people exploit other people. Under socialism, it's exactly the other way round.


OK, misuse of the word socialism...

Anonymous said...

Jim, fancy being on one another's blogrolls? I'll put you on mine now.

Jim Jay said...

Sure thing (done). I really must sort out my links, after I've finished the 100 best green blogs I guess...

I should probably ask other people to link to me too - I've never done that, so the links that are out there are ones that people spontaneously put up (presumably cos they liked the blog) which kind of makes me feel extra good about them. I might get round to it eventually.

Calvin Jones said...

Hello fellow blogger. It would be great if you could mention the folowing.

10.00am Cycle protest assembles at Lincoln's Inn Fields, South side (Holborn/Temple tube). Goes via ExxonMobil offices, Australian Embassy and Downing Street to arrive at US embassy at 11.30 am.

11.00am Rally opens : Messages from around the world, performance poetry & musical protest with "Seize the Day" and others.

12 noon Main Rally at US Embassy, Grosvenor Square. Speakers include George Monbiot, Colin Challen MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP, Zac Goldsmith.

1.00 pm March for Global Climate Justice from US embassy to Trafalgar Square

1.45 - 2.00 pm March joins i-Count's.. Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square

1.00 - 3.00pm i-Count Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square

Stop climate chaos are limiting their activities to the UK but the march organisers, CCC, are keen on international solidarity, more on:

Best wishes,

Jim Jay said...

Well you have for me Calvin, thanks - it should be a good day.

Some other links people might find useful are...

People and Planet who are having a weekend of workshops, debates, etc.

Campaign against climate change that you mentioned

i-count who have a rally in traffalgar square

Rising Tide who are generally groovy

Camp for Climate Action who are hard core man

Previous post which contains local details of events on climate change

LeftyHenry said...

That's a bit unfair. First, they also have rabbits. Second, living conditions of the working class improved drastically thanks to the revolution.

Jim Jay said...

Did they? Who for? When?

I'm assuming you don't mean directly after 1917 and the civil war... or in the late twenties when people were shipped off to camps...