Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Frog Escape Committee

The indominable Disillusioned Kid has been to see 'Inconvenient Truth' and blogged about it here

If you haven't seen the film yet - get going, it's really good, as is the funky website.

Over the last few days various activists have been making sniffy noises at me about the film but, to be honest, although Gore does talk about business solutions near the end it's hardly a ringing endorsement of capitalism and everyone who sees the film has got to be walking out of there fired up to do something about climate change - it's up to us to make sure what's on offer is effective.

The coming few weeks are Climate Change-tastic in Cambridge with lots of stuff going on, perhaps you might like to participate?

On Sunday 15th October Indymedia are having a film screening "The End of Suburbia" Which is meant to be a really sound film on oil depletion and the American Dream (see dairy for details)

On Monday 16th October a bunch of us are getting together in Clowns' cafe at 7.30 pm to make sure we've got a proper organising team together - this is where the real action is. Come along.

On 1st November the Green Party are hosting a heated debate between Friends of the Earth and a really nice chap, called Stephen, who is from Scientists for Nuclear Energy (see diary for details)

On the 4th November there is a national demonstration against climate change and, if you live in Cambridge, I want you to come on the coach I'm organising because otherwise I will end up in debtors prison and my Mum will cry. You don't want that on your conscience do you? No, I didn't think so (see diary for details)

On the 16th November the Green Open Forum is taking place at the Friends Meeting House, 8 pm, which is a great space to meet up with other like minded progressive types and get yourself active.

Anyway, back to the frogs. We all know the old example. You put a frog into boiling water and it leaps straight out, but if you put a frog in cold water and then slowly raise the heat what happens is... you rescue the frog, why would you let it boil you sick fucker?

We are that frog. The heat is turning up. It's time to form the escape committee and get out of the heat.

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