Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Be nice about someone day

I've had an idea. It could even be one of those tag things, if I wasn't ideologically opposed to them that is.

Hedgehog: I call him 'Ed'It's called "Be nice about someone day" - but here is the twist - you have to be nice about someone you'd normally diss. I think it would be a good exercise. There are rules of course, you can't do it in order to actually launch a sectarian attack (I like Respect because they are so crap or some such nonsense) to the extent that you shouldn't even put in caveats.

The other rule is you have to mean what you say. Ouch.

I'll allow an initial paragraph and maybe end sentance just to make clear to any readers you are not endorsing whomever... but don't let that chink in the armour lead you into undoing all your praise - the emphasis should remain on the positives that you have to say.

I think there may be something in this...

Firstly, pushing boundaries is good mental exercise, something we need a continuous supply of, particularly if you choose someone you really dislike. Finding the good in them (which must undoubtedly be there) will help keep things in proportion.

Secondly, I think it would help promote a nuanced and less dogmatic approach to politics. If we start laying out our disagreements in a more thoughtful way without the need to demonise those we disagree with I think it might, in some undefined way, be quite a healthy thing to do.

Thirdly, politics is often quite a negative place. Even our friends come in for criticism - it would be good to redress that balance a little, by not simply praising those who'd normally come in for a thumbs up but saying "This is what I respect about ..." even though you regard them as an opponent.

I already know who my first "target" is going to be... who will yours be?

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Jim Jay said...

Is this the first copy cat "be nice about someone day?