Friday, September 22, 2006

Prostitution and other matters

There was such a great session on prostitution but I just don't have time to do it justice. I promise I will get back to this.

Other sessions today of great value was the stuff against the war and on the middle east specificly. There was a motion condemning Hezbollah equally with the US/UK/Israel which I thought a little simplistic but the discussion was pretty good.

There was a motion on the Turkish repression of the Kurds and to defend PKK leader Ocalan and a guest speaker from a Kurdish Party that received two million votes at the last election despite being illegal.

There was a really excellent motion on local shops (wooo!) which I took as an endorsement of the No Chains stuff we've been doing in Mill Road - it was so spot on.

There was also stuff on direct action against nukes plus discussion of Faslane (there will be direct action training on the beech tomorrow.... I'm so excited!)

A really good and level headed motion on Iran and a host of other down the line left wing stuff.

I'm consistently surprised at how left wing the party is - I'd have joined it even if it was far further to the right - but it certainly makes it more comfortable for a leftist to exist in - some of them just need to get a little more self aware though. Sometimes they do not come across as well as they could...

More on prostitution and Keith Taylor's big speech tomorrow - run out of time for now though - sorry.

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