Sunday, September 24, 2006

After amber, before red

Slight break in blogging unfortunately, the facilities were a bit too inconvenient and other things were going on.

[Shrugs, yawns stylishly, stares into space with an air of bored disdain then begins to type again]

The crash accommodation became incredibly popular with lots of new women - they'd obviously heard. In fact it was so full that by morning you couldn't walk across the room without stepping on someone's carefully placed feet or arms. It was a bit strange around four in the morning to wake up and realise a mere three inches from my face was a less than well covered female thigh. Well, worse things happen at sea I suppose.

Oh, and a word on etiquette. Don't take your pants off in front of an entire room of strangers. I mean it - don't!

My first conference has been a steep learning curve and I really feel I'm starting to understand the Green Party, nationally, a bit better, and am feeling much less wary about the thing despite all the rows and lack of pant removal awareness. As a socialist in the Green Party although I joined in good faith and don't have any pseudo-entryist aims to turn it into a mass revolutionary party or whatever I had been unsure how far I'd be able to feel it was *my* party.

Well, i guess part of the function of conferences like this is to help integrate people into the organisation and it's worked. I've used the word "we" when talking about the Greens and I'm confident that the political ethos of the Party is one I'm at one with. I've also decided to stop calling people muppets as it's probably disrespectful.

True of course, but disrespectful.

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