Thursday, September 07, 2006

The person

Oooooooo! Is Blair about to go? (Blair looks set to give departure timetable)

Will he resign on my birthday? It's something to look forward to isn't it - of course it's not just something that could bring pleasure to millions, it's also a
gambling opportunity, which is nice.

But what difference will it make I ask? Whilst it will certainly give pleasure to many but because the debate has been so personalised around Blair I'm worried that by getting rid of Blair Labour will also be able to ditch their association with those things that Blair represents.

Let's say Brown becomes the next PM, which seems reasonably likely, there is no question that he will recieve a honeymoon period - but what has changed? He's the architect of Labour privatisation of public services, paid for the war, and is a great fan of nukes. Whoop!

There's been too much vilification of Blair and too little vilification of capitalism in my view. Shrugs. Be nice to see the back of him though.

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Renegade Eye said...

I don't know if threatened is the word, maybe depressed is better.