Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gone home

It was my first time in Glasgow at the weekend. It was so new and exciting.

There were all these new and exciting names "Starbucks", "Cafe Nero", "Pizza Hut", "KFC" and "First Bus" it was like being in another country. I can see why they need independence to preserve their national identity, there's something so absolutely *Scottish* about this place. It must be absolutely abhorrent for them to be connected to England with its street violence, unhealthy eating and targeting of religious minorities.

Glasgow is laid out in what I think of as the US model, as a grid of streets rather than the ad hoc methods of most UK towns. I'd always thought this might render a place a little, well, soul's and I was right.

In terms of friendliness, apart from the people I was meeting properly, I got the impression it was far more like London than the North. Although I must say I think the anti-English thing is exaggerated - I was there several hours before a huge man in a kilt shouting "Go Home!" in my face.

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