Friday, August 04, 2006

Blog on blog

Yeah - I did it! Having come to the end of the experimental period I can now look back on my month of Daily (Maybe) blogging with something a little bit like pride, only more modest and self effacing.

Cat leaving home after successfully completing a blog entryYou shouldn't really blog on about your own blog as it's self indulgent obviously, however having achieved my aim of creating an experimental blog I feel I'm allowed this one little post.

I only fell down twice in my attempt to post everyday - which isn't bad I think - and there is still an average of more than one a day for the period. Everyday is quite a hard schedule to keep to I think, you need to be slightly obsessive to maintain the routine. I did come home early the other night because I hadn't done my daily blog entry - and that worried me... but not so much that I lost any sleep over it ;-)

I only got the chance to delete one naughty comment which irked a little - but never mind. There was also a disappointing number of cat pics (just two) which is frankly slip shod and I have posted an extra one just to bump up the numbers.

So what have I learned? Well I'm much more forth right than I thought I was - cool - one of the reasons for calling this the Daily Maybe (other than I hoped to post everyday) was to create the idea of a less dogmatic and lightly questioning place on the blogosphere. However, the horrifying truth is that it was more of an Al Jazeera-lite than thought provoking forum, sigh.

But where next? Deletion?

Haven't yet decided what to do with the blog - where to go with it. The healthy thing to do would be to say, groovy, enjoyed that, delete the blog and take up squash. But I think that would be slightly hasty, so I'll give it some thought first before I make any long term decisions.

There is some tinkering I'd like to do first too. The current subheader "They created a desert and called it East Anglia" is obviously the very height of wit but seeing as I dashed it off without giving it any thought what so ever I should probably throw it open for suggestions. The best usable line gets a genuine prize (woooooo!)

Hurrah - I win!Of course if I stop posting Daily(ish) the blog title doesn't make sense either - and it's easy to change, although I'm more reluctant to tinker with that until I have a specific strategy for what I'm to do with the blog.

There are also little things like the number of links to other blogs. Some blogs have huge lists but somehow this feels less effective than a few choice ones. Perhaps around twenty. I guess the first twenty blogs to link to me (and let me know) will get a link and hard cheese everyone else.

Jim Jay Gold

I'll finish with this - my personal "highlights" of the last month

How I came to love the Petit Bourgeois (most long awaited piece)

Watch out its the fashion police (despite the low number of comments this article has brought the most readers in, and was fueled with rage)

Why Superman is a reactionary fuck (most enjoyable pub conversations sparked by a post)

The one stop Lebanon info shop (most useful post)

Unacceptable emotions (most personal and gratifying emails generated)


stroppybird said...

Congrats on your first month :-)

Jim Jay said...

Thanks - it's been a long haul!

Liz said...

Good work, Jim, a nice blog. Well done!

Ed said...

You're not going to pack it in are you?

Jim Jay said...

Well - that's the million dollar question - gotta be prepared to think the unthinkable at the end of an experiment.

But I'm not making any decisions just yet.

stroppybird said...


If you enjoy doing it than just do it. If its a chore don't.

Be a shame if you do give it up though. Don't get to hung up on posting everyday. Sometimes the real world gets in the way. Sometimes nothing inspires re a post.

moll said...

hey! Dont stop! Even if you don`t post everyday, keep it up. I like your writing (and I nearly feel off my chair laughing at your latest... "Left the gas on? Didn't lock the back door? Oh no - it's the biggest international crisis since I took the position of Foreign Secretary.")

bob said...

Don't stop - it's great. Very honoured to be in your first 20 (tho' will understand if I get trimmed when you rethink your polciy...)