Monday, August 09, 2010

Selection box

  • The floods in Pakistan have effected an estimated 14 million people. This is mind boggling and they need help. The DEC Appeal aims to provide some, please consider donating.

  • Liberal Conspiracy has an interesting piece on the Australian elections. If you've seen good stuff on this do send it to me!

  • At last they are creating a cyborg Indiana Jones. Let's hope it doesn't get too friendly.

  • Now, this is basically advertising for Cafe Direct but I'm going to link to it anyway because it's a fun little video about 'up-cycling', fair trade and coffee - three wonderful things!

  • Jason Kitkat endorses Adrian Ramsay for Green Party deputy while Jane Watkinson comes out in favour of Derek Wall. If I've missed an endorsement feel free to let me know.

  • Talking of the Deputy Leadership election the current facebook tally is 40 to Derek and 55 to Adrian who has taken a strong lead in the last two days.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Cafe Direct container at the Hay Festival - good coffee!