Friday, July 02, 2010

Good reads

A little bit of catching up round uppery to start the morning;

  • F for Philistine is a new blog on the block and it has me worried as I've a feeling the quality is going to be very high indeed! Which is obviously a good thing, cough.

  • I've praised Lib Dem MP Bob Russell before and, by God, I'll do it again. He can step forward as the first proper Lib Dem rebel of the new government. He and Mick Hancock were the only two Lib Dem MPs to vote against the VAT rise.

  • The fascinating story of Manuela Sáenz is renewed as Latin America re-interred the "liberator of the liberator" next to her lover, Simon Bolivar. She one of the most powerful forgotten political women in Latin American history.

  • Elly on Liberal Conspiracy has an interesting piece on campaigns against lap dancing clubs.

  • Cruella was threaten with arrest today for protesting at a guy's funeral. I don't think this is something I would ever do - but it took guts and is worth promoting.

  • And just to round off Eddie Ford argues in the Weekly Worker that capitalism and ecological sustainability just don't mix.

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