Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gender equality

It's one of those stories that I read without even knowing why I'm reading it. apparently Geena Davis, the Oscar winning actress, is launching a campaign to address the way women are treated in the media. Very worthy and I definately applaud this.

She chose the UN Secretary General and the Duchess of York to accompany her on this worthy mission. However, Geena's message may have been ever so slightly uncut by Fergie's campaign.

While Geena was actively denouncing the stereo-typing of women in the media Fergie was enthusiastically embracing the same.

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, who is divorced from Britain's Prince Andrew, said the key to equality is "good mothering" because mothers promote education.

She announced a new initiative called The Mother's Army to "harness the collective power of mothers" to enable women and girls to "dare to dream".

I'm not entirely convinced the best way to attack one stereotype is by promoting another. Oh well.

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weggis said...

Careful, Jim.
I might have to introduce you to Mrs Weggis.