Friday, October 09, 2009

My little pony - of justice!

The stupendous Kate Smurthwaite has been flaunting herself on the Fourth Plinth. Obviously I'm jealous as anything because I didn't get picked but it turned out she's a dirty little cheat and actually posed as someone else! Well, normally I'd say this wasn't on but it was all in a good cause.

Now and forever dubbed 'the fake plinther' she filled in for Goretti Horgan, a pro-choice campaigner from the North of Ireland. Kate explained that "it would take a lot of effort and cost a lot of money for Goretti to come over to be on the fourth plinth (just like the effort and expense incurred by women from Northern Ireland who are forced to travel to England, Wales and Scotland to access abortion services) so we decided instead that I would go along and impersonate her. Goretti sent me her passport and a utility bill and luckily they were busy in the office and didn't check the photo too closely (I am also 20 years younger than Goretti so lucky they didn't check that either)."

Riding a pony and bearing a huge banner that read "extend the abortion act to N. Ireland" Kate did a sterling job and it's good to see people calling for an extension of our rights rather than simply defending what we already have the whole time.

Sadly there are no photos without copyright labels all over them and the One and Other site has purged the footage from history so in the meanwhile please enjoy this image in celebration of the occasion.


Adrian Windisch said...

Kate Smurthwaite has her own blog here

Jim Jepps said...

And very good it is too... (you missed the link which is her name in the above) :)

Strategist said...

The pics are here, folks

And splendid they are. Copyright thingy not too obtrusive!