Friday, August 21, 2009

Well done James

Get in! Well done James.

Iain Dale has published the Total Politics list of top Scottish Bloggers and Two Doctors has achieved even further greatness moving up to number five.

He's the only Green to make it into the Scottish top ten so far and it would be good to see the green blogosphere in Scotland become strong enough to hold two or three of those top ten places in future years.

There are some good green bloggers north of the border like Adopted Domain and Suitably Despairing, I also believe Euro-blog Thursday Briefing is written by a Scot. All three of these deserve to gain a bit more profile for their splendid efforts.

Let's hope that we'll also see Patrick Harvie add a blog to his existing stunning website. He's possibly the only person I follow on twitter whose tweeting has reached the news so just think how effective his macro-blogging might be - hmmm.

ell done James. All power to the existing and future Green and left bloggers up round your way.


Unknown said...

Oh dear god, a whole post about James? You'll be giving him a big heid!

Thanks for the mention for Suitably Despairing!

James Mackenzie said...

I am blushing so hard it hurts.

And you're right about the Thursday Briefing - it's a project from SGP member Tom Redford.

Jim Jepps said...

Do Scottish Green Bloggers ever get to together? It would be nice to see some new Green blogs spring up - something that seems to be a new trend in England is group blogs for local parties where two or three members blog about the things they are getting up to - I don't see as many local party sites in Scotland... do you think there's space for that?