Monday, August 10, 2009

Top five Tories

In a bid to ensure this blog is so full of outrages that if I ever stand for election there will be enough evidence to hang me, Weggis asks who are my top five Tories - knowing full well I wont write a spoof post outlining which Tories I think lose the Conservatives the most votes (Tebbit, Obsborne, Soames, Gove and Daniel Kawczynski if you're asking).

Anyway here's my top five. Disclaimer: I am not a Tory. I don't vote Tory and have no plans to do so within the next century or so.

Matthew Parris: I shouldn't really. I suspect he's done more for the rehabilitation of the Tories than any other but then I'm a sucker for urbane and chaming. It's one of those things that I like. The other thing I like about him is that he's willing to challenge his own ideas and change his mind. A rare quality in the politically minded unfortunately.

Steven Bercow: our new speaker of the House seems to have annoyed all the most reactionary Conservatives so he must have quite a bit to recommend him. As it happens I'm not sure I wanted a more progressive Tory to be pulled into an administrative role where he couldn't speechify on the issues of the day, but if it had to be someone he will definately do.

Harold MacMillan: possibly because I don't know much about him but he always seemed like a rather pleasant chap. Also someone told me once that he was asked what it was like being Prime Minister and he said "I get a lot more reading done." I hope that's true.

John Major: Ok, I'm running out! I basically feel sorry for the guy. The forgotten Prime Minister, obscure because he wasn't nearly as vile as his predecessor or his successor. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say something along the lines of "First you had Thatcher and then Blair..." I guess that's a pretty high accolade for a PM, no one can remember you because you didn't screw things up too much.

Iain Dale: Leave to one side the fact he occasionally verges towards climate denial. Leave aside his status as founder member of the Hazel Blears fanclub. First of all I've always quite liked Iain when I've met him. Second of all he has a proper sense of humour and lastly and most importantly when he organises political discussion, in whatever forum, he likes to throw the net wide rather than sticking to the same old faces and political co-thinkers. I think all three of those things are admirable qualities.

There. Done. I know some of these choices might be controversial but you try it!


weggis said...

Thanks Jim. I particularly liked your desciption of John Major.

Adrian Windisch said...

I would add to your list of Tories that damage their own party John Redwood, who hates busses, and is skeptical on climate change.

And Boris, who does them more damage than all the opposition combined.

Osbourne for his holiday adventures with Baron Mandy.

Douglas Hogg for that Moat,
Sir Peter Viggers for the Duck Island; you couldnt have made it up.

Jim Jepps said...

Hi Adrian!

Sadly Boris won the Mayoralty - I wish he did cost them votes but it's really only people like us who follow what is going on who realise how terrible he is.

If he stands again next time I think he'll be a tough one to beat.

Strategist said...

Jim, do you mean John Bercow, or Steven Berkoff at No.2?

Jim Jepps said...

Well spotted. Steven Berkof scabbed on the actors' strike saying it was alright because 'he needed the money' as if everyone else was on strike as a holiday... he's not one of my favourite rightwingers!

Strategist said...

Steven Berkoff said that?
He does do a very good evil baddie!

Laban said...


"During the Battle of the Somme, he spent an entire day wounded and lying in a foxhole with a bullet in his pelvis, reading the Greek writer Aeschylus in the original language."

James Mackenzie said...

I'm curious about Kawczynski's inclusion. I met him and came to different conclusions:

Jim Jepps said...

Laban - wonderful!

James - Nice post. Kawczynski pops up every now and then to say something mad and reactionary in the press... example...