Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ed Balls - Reasons to be cheerful

This is a new expenses 'scandal' I hadn't noticed.

Ed Balls bought, at tax payers' expenses, 'Reasons to be Cheerful' by Trotskyist firebrand Mark Steel. Oh joy! I've just finished re-reading this excellent book so I'm glad my choice of reading matter is endorsed by a government Minister.

He also bought a book called “The Rebels: How Blair mislaid his constituency” - I must look it up.

Balls explains the purchase thus; "In March 2006, the House of Commons office manager purchased two political books as a leaving gift for a university politics student who had been doing unpaid voluntary work in our House of Commons office."

I wish the intern had read the book before their stint with Balls rather than after, but you can't have everything.


Adam Marks said...

Excellent book. It seems to pass through funny hands. Jeremy Beadle, of course, gave it to Bob Monkhouse as a present.

Anonymous said...

I would have imagined buying books about politics to be beyond question an acceptable use of MPs expenses -- surely we want them to be absorbing as wide a range of opinions as possible.

Jim Jepps said...

I quite agree Dan. It's an office expense and I have no problem with it - I just think it's his choice of political literature that's a bit of fun