Monday, June 22, 2009

Carnival of the Green #185

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Carnival of the Green #185. We have a bumper (organic) crop of green posting from this week around the web.

Thanks to last week's hosts The Conservation Report, and I'll just point out now that next week's edition will be hosted at Conserve Plastic Bags. If you fancy hosting an edition of the Carnival check out how here.

Posts about news, views and occurrences.
David Gross presents Spanish environmentalists try tax resistance posted at The Picket Line.
Ecologists in Action, InspirAction, and ATTAC submitted tax returns in Madrid protesting against the government’s economic crisis measures, which they describe as “socially and environmentally regressive.” They each plan to redirect €84 of their tax dollars to more beneficial uses.
Tyler presents Are You More Frugal or Green?: Balancing Multiple Goals posted at Frugally Green.
It can be hard trying to balance all your goals. If you don't look for opportunities to reach them together, you may find yourself excelling toward one while hindering another. This post tries to help you combine both.
MBB presents Save Trees By Getting Rid Of Junk Mail posted at Money Blue Book Blog.

David presents Nothing You Do Is So Small As To Not Make A Difference posted at The Good Human.

Naomi Stevens presents Queen unveils organic vegetable garden at the Palace posted at Diary From England.

Fiona Leonard presents Emergency Response Studio posted at Year In America.

Mark Donovan presents Earth Homes posted at HomeAdditionPlus. Mark Donovan discusses Earth homes, the ultimate in green home building.

Posts about things, products and stuff that might help you live a more sustainable life.
Elizabeth at Go Green Travel Green presents the Stainless Steel Water Bottle Smackdown.
She reviews all the features of the top stainless steel bottles and helps you decide which one is best for you. Plus, there's a water bottle giveaway - check out the bottom of the post and leave a comment to win a free water bottle.
Michal presents A Bright Idea: Save Energy With LED Bulbs posted at Energy Saving Gadgets.
Energy Star qualified LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting which means you can expect to reduce your energy bill just by changing out your light bulbs.
Ooffoo presents Get Kids Outdoors
Eco-community have launched their latest competition and want to know your tips and secrets for getting kids outdoors and into nature. There is £500 worth of prizes to be won plus a special prize for a school of your choice from Green PC specialists Very PC. Inspiring entries are rolling in thick and fast so head on over to submit your own or fill up on top tips as the summer break rolls closer.
Mrs Green presents at My Zero Waste the Green's WRAP recycle pledge.
Over in the UK next week, we have a national 'Recycle week' taking place. In this short video, we reveal what pledge we have taken to reduce our waste and why we are doing it. Come along and tell us what you think!
Paystolivegreen presents Green Countertop Options posted at Pays to Live Green.

Kerry Fletcher presents DIY Solar Panels posted at Houston Interior Decorating Examiner.

Talia presents Creating a Compost Bin posted at

Guffly presents 5 Ideas for Eco friendly Summer Fun posted at Guffly.

Heather Levin presents Organic, Eco-Friendly Brands? They Might Not Be What You Think… posted at The Greenest Dollar. Did you know that Burt's Bees is owned by Colgate? Find out what ELSE these small indy brands aren't telling you...

And last, but by no means least she also presents at her Little Green Blog her five tips for clean green laundry.
The simple act of washing our clothes can have a significant impact on the environment. There's nothing new in this article, but it's great to cover old ground from time to time and to remember the simple steps that can decrease our carbon footprint! Please share your ideas in the comments :)
Top green tweets;
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