Monday, January 19, 2009

A Misc Mash

A few things I'd like to highlight whilst I think of them;

This Saturday (24th Jan) there are a number of things you might like to get up to politics wise.

  • If you're further up England than I am there is the Convention of the Left recall conference in Manchester that I suspect will be well worth going to.

  • Alternatively if you're in London you have a choice between the Gaza protest and Progressive London which has a whole host of speakers ranging from excellent, to interesting, to why the fuck are they speaking. You pays your money, you takes your choice.

  • Alternatively you might like to help out in Stoke Newington where the Greens are having their last weekend push in what appears to be a very successful by-election campaign. Make no mistakes a world where Matt Hanley was a councillor would be one on the verge of Olympian strides forwards. More info here. Please help if you can and it certainly does not have to be on the Saturday (election day is the 29th).
Further ahead there is the Convention of Modern Liberty (28th Feb.) which is taking place all over the country and has an ongoing online presence in the Carnival of Modern Liberty which, I think, it would be good for bloggers to get involved with.

Talking of Carnivals there's an attempt to get the Carnival of Socialism up and running again. There are a couple of volunteers already and a few people who haven't quite picked a date yet. If you want to get involved just pop over and put yourself forward for an edition of the CofS by adding a comment.

And lastly there are new/upgraded websites for Cambridge Green Party, Sian Berry, Red Pepper, The Morning Star, and lastly my rarely updated twitter, all of which deserve continuous attention. Night and day people, night - and - day.


Matt Sellwood said...

"Make no mistakes a world where Matt Hanley was a councillor would be one on the verge of Olympian strides forwards"

It's your carefully considered understatement that is part of this blog's charm, Jim!

scott redding said...

"Olympian strides" -- it would be good to canvass in slow motion to "Chariots of Fire"