Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be one of Hanley's Heroes

A quick call to arms from Matt Hanley, heed him my friends, heed him well.

Just 17 short days left to go until D Day, and the Stoke Newington Central campaign is reaching critical mass. But we still need as much help as possible.

Stoke Newington has the 3rd highest Green vote in London, and Hackney North and Stoke Newington is the 2nd best Green Parliamentary constituency in the capital.

Plus, if Jean Lambert is going to be re-elected in June, then it is crucial that we get out the Green vote out in Hackney. We can gather so many more Euro votes with another Green councillor, or even with a brilliant display and a much higher raised profile for Hackney Greens in the area.

We need more bodies to canvass the good people of Stoke Newington. As well as the regular weekend activities, Hackney Greens are also canvassing weekday afternoon and evenings. If you can spare any time over the next few weeks, weekends or, preferably, week days, please please give myself or Chris Heaton a call and come down to Hackney to help out.

We can promise you a good time in Hackney, fed and watered, and a much sought after invite to an almighty post-election party around our gaff!

My number: 020 7812 9063
email: matt.hanley@greenparty.org.uk

Chris Heaton: 07525 713 126
email: hgpadmin@heatopher.me.uk

See you all soon.

Matt Hanley
2009 Candidate for Stoke Newington Central
Hackney Green Party

020 7812 9063
07766 592 126

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