Sunday, December 07, 2008

Manchester congestion charge

Labour produced this nice little YouTube video to help campaign for the congestion charge in Manchester. I like it.

The position of the Manchester Green Party seemed a little half hearted to me - but then they're closer to detail so they may have a point.

Manchester Green Party Chair Brian Candeland said:

"We recognise a number of flaws in the package, and would have preferred a set of proposals with a stronger environmental view. On balance however we consider that it represents a great opportunity to improve transport in the conurbation.

"People will receive their voting packs any day now and have until 11th December to get their vote in. We would urge people to carefully look at the arguments on both sides and consider the wider issues of what they believe is best for the people of Manchester and the environment when they vote."

The main vote yes campaign can be found here. They state;
If you vote YES it will transform buses, trams and trains in our region. It will mean that we can start to tackle the problems of congestion and pollution that impact upon all our lives. If you vote NO we will get nothing but more congestion, more pollution and more delays. The money will go back to the Government and our transport system will get even worse.
Clean air now is a group in Greater Manchester who seem to have a good feel for critical engagement;

We support the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF), the plan to invest around 3bn in improving the area's transport and to introduce a peak-time congestion charge.

We aim to highlight the wide-ranging benefits of TIF and to make sure that environmental and social issues are at the core.

You can pick up their leaflets and posters here.

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