Monday, September 01, 2008

People's Choice: Greenpeace UK

And the people's choice award goes to... the blog of Greenpeace UK. Congratulations!

For me this is a really deserving choice and shows what group blogging for an organisation can be all about. It seems to be an extremely difficult trick to pull off sometimes, fusing together the conversational strengths of blogging with the needs and focus of an organisation. I've thought for some time that Greenpeace UK pull it off very nicely.

One of the dangers of this kind of group blog is that it can descend into very dry press release style postings, that wont get read and serve no particular function for an organisation that already has a press arm. The difficulty can be the other way entirely of course, where it becomes the vehicle for one or two voices who don't represent the views of the organisation or have a factional or specific agenda within the group that is not widely supported. GPUK manage to avoid both traps very nicely.

It's good to read a blog with a focus on action that still feels fresh, lively and individual. Well done to the GPUK team.

I'd also like to mention and congratulate Ecostreet and Transition Culture who came second and third respectively in the poll - excellent blogs the both of them.

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Unknown said...

Aw, shucks - an embarrassingly belated *thank you* to everyone who voted, and to you Jim Jay for sorting it all (the awards I mean, not our winning the people's choice...).

And, yep, I couldn't agree more on Ecostreet and Transition Culture.