Tuesday, August 26, 2008

27th Carnival of Socialism

Yes, it's Carnival of Socialism time again, in fact it's well over due. I've got a pot pouri of posts that I've spotted in the last couple of weeks - plus a few that have been suggested by Carnival watchers. Those suggestions are always vital to keeping the carnival fresh I reckon, which might help cut against what seems to be a bit of an anglo-centric bias - anyway let's dive in!

There's a lot of talk about the economy at the moment - quite understandably. Ben Solah looks at whether the Australia's economic crutch is breaking? Notes on the Front looks at the Irish economic indicators.

Which means that trade union action needs to be an indispensable part of what the left is doing. Liam lays down a perspective of leaders vs bureaucrats in the trade union movement. Jon Rogers talks union strategy, and Tom Ramplin thinks unions should be targeting casual workers. Talking union lays out a plan for the left to take up an economic justice agenda.

A different Jim looks at poverty for those in work, and Peter Cranie looks at the same topic from a more personal perspective.

Lenin looks at how the airwar in Afghanistan is intensifying, Stroppy wonders whether the claims about women's liberation have not quite come to pass in the region. The enormous brain of Immanuel Wallestein sets about Obama's Afghanistan policy. Meanwhile Shiraz Socialist looks at Russian invasions then and now.

He's not exactly what I'd call a socialist but I couldn't pass up Jesse Jackson's piece on Obama's promised land? Whilst Catch a fire looks at efforts to curb crime in Bermuda.

Tami posted this excellent post on polyamory and Complex System of Pipes has a critical post on Manchester Gay Pride. Meanwhile Hysperia notices a bizarre story about a nun beauty pageant. Jess has a very nice piece on why feminism and capitalism can't mix.

On to culture; Splintered Sunrise has an interesting review of Mark Steel's new book Whats going on? I'll allow for one Olympics reference so let's have this great piece from Reading the Maps, oh alright, let's have Harpy Marx on competitive sports too. Dave Riley ponders Brecht, Bermuda Radical commits heresy by not particularly liking Slavo Zizec, and Bob from Brockley remembers Leo Abse.

Oh, and Cara mentions in passing that Peter Hitchins is a piece of shit.

And lastly what I thought was a really excellent piece on left blogging itself from Phil, which sparked what I found a very productive discussion. Mick Hall adds his opinion in for good measure.

The next one was to be over at the Steeltown - but he's having to take a break from blogging so get your name in quick to host the next edition!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the carnival. Quite honoured to be the first link mentioned, especially since I thought I got mine in late.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Jim. I've gone to What's going on and left blogging and come away better informed, stimulated and boy did I laugh. Thanks.

Douglas Coker
Enfield Green Party