Monday, May 26, 2008

Join the puke-a-thon: Telegraph provides BNP platform

Even if you personally don't agree with no platforming fascists I still don't see this as a reason for going out of your way to actively provide them with one. Well the Telegraph disagrees and is now hosting new BNP poster boy Richard Barnbrook's blog.

Excuse me whilst I puke all over their patent leather shoes. Blaghhhghhhhh. Blugh. Blah. Ffffpt.

Among other exciting proposals ubergrupen fuhrer Barnbrook has for us in his "Blame the immigrants piece" include;

- The police should disobey the government and pursue their own sort-of-legal agenda. He adds "A free society is one where the police can do their job the way they want to do it." Although most of us would call that a police state rather than "free societies", but the haircut knows best.

- You know there never was any violent crime until we started letting in darkies and their communist friends. "Most of it [knife and gun crime] is being done by immigrants or by the sons of immigrants who have been protected by a despicable government desperate for the Ethnic Block-Vote."

- But what is to be done with our streets over run with all these "ethnics"? In order to clean up the streets send in the army. Yes. The army. I'm not joking, that's what our man in the Eagle's Nest is proposing. To get rid of guns on the streets we'll fill the streets with... oh hold on.

- If the commies oppose this sensible measure? Well the "human rights lawyers can scream all they want." Presumably in a basement somewhere, whilst Brownshirts tear out their fingernails.

- Those people who've suffered trauma should follow his advise "The last thing they should do is start going to those disgusting lefty therapists... Look at that word "therapist" the rapist....and that is what they do...." Gosh, do they? And people pay for that? It all sounds a bit rum to me.

Anyway, he's got a demo on for tomorrow morning. If you'd like to attend please ring him on 07869 243 129. That number again, 07869 243 129.

Some say the BNP aren't fascists. Balls. I don't know who I'm more annoyed with Barnbrook or the Telegraph for giving him a platform from which to organise his right wing paramilitary coup.

Updates (updated):
  • You can join the Facebook group protesting this here
  • I'd like to encourage you to write to Telegraph at (see comments for the letter I sent)
  • The excellent Tory Troll has the pictures that prove just how (in)effective Barnbrook's call to the disaffected white youth of the capital was.
  • The Guardian now has the story.
  • It appears The Latest got there before me.
  • I've a guest post on Lancaster Unity, which is a really excellent anti-fascist site.
  • Sunny has sparked an interesting discussion on this at Liberal Conspiracy.
  • From where The F-Word picked up the story - and added some useful thoughts. It looks like some of my very favourite blogs are running with the story - cool.


Jim Jepps said...

Sample letter:

I was very concerned to spot last night that the Telegraph is hosting the blog of the fascist Richard Barnbrook in its "My Telegraph" section. I think this is very worrying and the Telegraph, as a respectable paper, should have nothing to do with these extremists.

Just because people have the right to free speech does not mean it is correct for the Telegraph to give this man a platform for his outrageous and frankly bonkers views.

We expect racism from the BNP and we get plenty of that from his postings on your site - but also the call for the police to do what they like without recourse to democratic accountability, for the army to take to the streets (ironically to remove knives at the point of a bayonet) and "human rights lawyers can scream all they want." Presumably in a basement somewhere, whilst Brownshirts tear out their fingernails.

I don't think this does the Telegraph any credit what-so-ever by giving these people the oxygen of publicity that they crave. My grandfathers both fought for their country against vermin like this and you're lucky that neither of them is alive today to see the Telegraph welcoming those they fought so bravely to keep at bay.


Jim Jepps

Anonymous said...

Revolting guy, revolting politics.

A disgrace that the Telegraph has effectively legitimised the fascist BNP.

Duncan said...

I don't believe this, what are The Telegraph playing at?

That said, he has managed to sum up his entire political philosophy in one article title 'blame the immigrants'.

Magnus said...

On the other hand, providing a creep like this with a forum might not be a bad idea. While people like Barnbrook make my skin crawl, I am not comfortable with censorship and feel that it is best to know what is out there.
Sometimes the worst thing you can do is ignore the wing-nuts - makes some people wonder if they aren't on to something. Censorship sometimes loans a lunatic a sort of perceived legitimacy. Fact is bigots will always discover other bigots. Giving this doofus a forum might the best way to turn more people against him.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

i think this piece highlights the sheer idiocy of the BNP - therapist and 'the rapist' - what the hell is he on!

Anonymous said...

And now the Sunday Indie has decided to interview the fascist Barnbrook, WTF!

Anonymous said...

Re the Indie interview I have something here:

Apols for the shameless plug...

Jim Jepps said...

Louise, I hope I'm not going to cause offense but I think you're overdoing the plugs here a little. I'm in the middle of writing a piece that links to your story and it's worth linking to but I'd appreciate it if you didn't use these comments boxes just to promote your own blog - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry Jim. My mistake.

Jim Jepps said...

No probs - it is a good piece and people should read it.

Anonymous said...

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