Thursday, January 31, 2008

Carnival of Socialism #16 The relaunch

It's been a long time coming, but having battled bizarre internet problems today here at last is the sixteenth edition of the Carnival of Socialism, bringing you a pot pori of the left-o-sphere.

Of course this is a very special edition of the Carnival as it's the relaunch after some time in the doldrums. So if you're a lefty blogger please do highlight the Carnival that we hope to turn into an ongoing fortnightly roundup. If we go as long and as successfully as the excellent carnival of feminism it will be a very good thing. Let's see if I can't start us off.

First we turn to the Americas

Thought Interupted discusses abortion rights in Canada, and Marginal Notes talks about the rights of migrant workers to be treated like human beings.

Some bloggers have noticed that there is some sort of Presidential race going on. Snowflake 5 wondered whether the ghost of Vietnam still haunts the race, hampering those who took part, tainting them with defeat.

Left of Centrist mourns the loss of John Edwards from the Democratic race and hopes that some of his anti-poverty message may just seep through into the Clinton and Obama campaigns. He is not hopeful. Angry Black Bitch tries to make sense of it all and advocates universal health care as a truly radical proposal.

Skin Flicks (subtitle: rude not nude) wonders about Obama's position on affirmative action whilst Jerome Karabel compares him to Reagan. A little uncalled for surely?

On the other hand Left in East Dakota has finally had it with the Democrats. Good on you brother!

Unknown Conscience has an interesting post which talks about her Mormon upbringing and Mitt Romney. Far from objecting to Mormonism the religion she has far more concerns about the church as a financial power house.

In the other america there are big things afoot. In Boliva, Left Turns? thoroughly discusses the battle for the constituent assembly. Upside down world discusses Morales' two years in power and tries to come to an objective assessment.

Columbia and Venezuela come under scrutiny in the Red Pepper blog area.

Let's move on to Economics

Benjamin Solah looks at the current economic crisis - who caused it and who is going to pay the price?

One of the people who've caused the problem is named "Capitalist pig of the month" by Louis Proyect who chooses his words carefully when he says "When you have Donald Trump lining up against you on the basis that you are just too ostentatious and vulgar, then you have really broken free from the earth and sailed straight into the stratosphere." You'll have to read it to find out who!

But you can tell they sit at the same table as Royal Dutch Shell whose profits Socialism or your money back rails against.

Meanwhile Shiraz Socialist asks us to back equal rights for agency workers

They say the personal is political, well here are some personal political stories

A bit like Lenin talks of sweet victory over his landlord.

Splintered Sunrise takes the left for task for thinking it knows everything in a brilliantly wicked post.

It's very easy to pick holes in what the Daily Mail say, which is why we do it - no need to make work for yourself is there? Stroppybird admirably posts on the shocking news that women over forty aren't just middle class mothers and dutiful wives.

Duncan Money wonders about whether he's right on immigration - it's good to have self doubt, but let's not go mad.

After all there is a war on

Jar Head made for a great film, Benjamin Solah (again) takes us through the book which he says "hardens my own conclusions in that war is a brutal thing that only benefits the rulers who do not have to go to the front-line to fight it and risk their own lives."

Talking of Iraq, Complex System of Pipes writes in praise of the unembedded journalist. Michael Greenwell talks about how casualties have shifted from combatants to civilians in a very thorough essay.

Organised Rage talks about actors in war zones. Obsolete comments on the death of a terrorist leader none of us had ever heard of before.

Whilst Marxist from Lebanon reports on the social crisis unfolding in that part of the world.

Now we come to the miscellany

Dave's Part asks Kenya: what is to be done? Justice Africa has some thoughts.

Three very worthwhile guest posts can be found at Liam's place on the Mayor of London, at Socialist Unity on the Left breakthrough in Germany and at Lenin's Tomb on Benazir Bhutto.

Paul Stott takes a long hard look at anarchist historians wondering whether they really match up to their Marxist counterparts.

Then we have the leftist shorts...

Capitalism Bad, tree pretty briefly talks about class and gender bias in the law.

Ecosocialism ponders the need for a third party in the US system.

1820, inspired by the Police demonstration in London outlines his five reasons to hate the fuzz.

Jews San Frontier posts on Barrack "not being black".

Leftwing Criminologist
compares MPs pay with student funding.

And I'd like to welcome Phelim to the blogosphere with his inaugural post that goes to the basis of leftist thinking, that capitalism is unsustainable.

The next Carnival of Socialism will be over at stroppyblog on the 15th of February. Be sure to send in your contributions to make sure your favourite blogs and posts are covered. Also please do put your name forward for future Carnivals.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting together this Carnival, Jim. I hope others in the future will continue to be of this calibre.

stroppybird said...

yep, thanks Jim, its very good.

Im working my way through the posts.

Organized Rage. said...


This is good work, thanks, a really good round up of the Left's BloggerSphere, some of the blogs you mentioned are new to me but thanks to you not any more.

cheers again.