Saturday, December 01, 2007

Leadership referendum result

Almost everyone that wants to know probably does know by now but for the sake of those who have not yet heard the Green Party leadership referendum has resulted in a YES vote of almost three to one so the Party will so ditch the model of principal speakers (or is it principle? That's one problem solved at least) and move to a system where a leader and deputy leader (or alternatively co-leaders) will be elected every two years.

Details of the vote;

YES         2,634 votes   (73%)
NO 963 votes (27%)
SPOILED 8 votes

Green Party Principal Speaker Caroline Lucas said: "I'm delighted about this result. The party can now move forward together and onto the job in hand. We have an urgent green message to communicate and many votes to win.

"This is a fantastic day for the Green Party and will help ensure we have a party that is understandable, recognisable and effective. But we now need to demonstrate to all our members, regardless of which way they voted, that this is not about weakening our principles, it's about strengthening our effectiveness."

Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall said: "We need a Green Party which is effective and empowering, doing things differently from the top down traditional politics that turns voters off.

"The result of this referendum challenges the Party to create a leadership structure that is true to green ideals. It has put our future leaders on notice that the membership expects a more focused, more effective party, with a leadership team that is truly accountable to the membership in a real and effective manner."

Richard Mallender, chair of the Green Party executive, said: "I'm very pleased to see such a high turnout and that we have a clear result. I would like to thank everyone who took part in the ballot and also extend thanks to the ERO [that's me!] and the standing orders committee for the smooth conduct of the ballot. The referendum was an excellent example of democracy in action."


Natalie Bennett said...

Well done Jim! Hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend, and not counting votes in your sleep!

Peter Cranie said...

Thank you Jim. You have done a superb job and both camps appreciate your evenhandedness.

MC Fanon said...

This comes at a slightly ironic (and sad) time. I am glad that your's passed but at the same time, I lament the rejected referendum in Venezuela.