Monday, December 31, 2007

Branson Pickle

"Hello Richard Branson. You are an arse. All the best, Jim Jay"

This is the full text of a letter I have sent Richard Branson after his behaviour in response to Virgin Atlantic UNITE members who voted to take industrial action on the 9th and 16th of January.

"In a letter to 4,800 cabin crew, the Virgin boss warned the firm would not be meeting "dangerous" pay demands." For, although he admitted that other airlines have better rates of pay, he felt they did not have the advantages of the "smaller, more friendly" company.

He went on to demonstrate exactly how friendly the company is by telling the crews to sod off. "For some of you, more pay than Virgin Atlantic can afford may be critical to your lifestyle and if that is the case you should consider working elsewhere,"

UNITE members voted 71% in favour of taking industrial action consisting of 48 hours of strikes. Speaking for the union Brian Boyd said "Virgin Atlantic's cabin crew have voted for strike action for the first time in the airline's history. They've not taken this decision lightly, they are a world class crew who've been undervalued for too long. They are seeking a long term solution to pay which recognises their loyalty and professionalism.

"Unite is calling on Virgin Atlantic to get back around the negotiating table to get through this impasse and avoid disruption in the New Year."

The action coincides with strikes by BAA staff in January.


Anonymous said...

But Branson isn't in a pickle. The title makes no sense!

Phil said...

The airport strike has been called off now the employers have offered talks. BBC story here

Jim Jepps said...

Thanks for the update Phil.

Anon: you are absolutely right. I did play with some other headlines, perhaps you could help me choose between them

Virgin ground(ed)
That's rich Rich
I'm nice you fuckers

Post title writing is a skill that is never mastered I fear