Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A few highlights from the Scottish election

I thought I'd round up a few of the interesting things (well, interesting to me) that have been happening in the Scottish elections.

Robin Harper, Steen Parish and an owl
In the office sweep stake I'm going to need us to get nine MSPs to win the kitty. I'm ever the optimist but that might be taking it a little too far... even if STV seem to think it's possible.
  • This week the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has donated £500 to the campaign to get Patrick Harvie elected in Glasgow.

    John Duffy, Scottish Secretary of the FBU, said: "Patrick has consistently recognised the importance of the fire and rescue service throughout the last session of Parliament. He is also very aware of the value of high quality public services and we look forward to working with him to protect those services over the coming years."

  • I was tickled by one restaurant's menufesto voting which includes an explanation of AV and a potentially controversial fish dish chosen by the local Green candidate.

  • As the years go on I'm becoming ever more skeptical that any election rules are actually enforced. However local Lib Dem candidate Pringle has been forced to pulp his leaflets over accidentally describing himself as an MSP even though, technically, he ceased to be one a few weeks ago. Despite his Lib Dem status I rather pity the guy.

  • Red under the bed explains why he'll be voting Green this time.

  • There haven't been many shenanigans this election, but this twitter hoax against Labour was disgraceful, and rather funny.

  • Better Nation has been indispensable to any election geek this election but Jeff's post on how the constituency votes fit with the regional list votes is glorious. It's extraordinary but under the current system votes in the PR list often do not end up electing anyone from a major party at all. In these areas your vote is often best placed for the Greens who will make full use of it!

    This table, produced by Jeff, shows the previous elections and the regions where parties did not get anyone elected on the list ballot paper.

  • My predictions for the election are pretty pedestrian - crash and burn for the Lib Dems, a slight increase for the Tories and a slump for Labour as their votes flow to the SNP. I'm not making any predictions for the Greens though... that way lies madness.

Most of the election I've been tucked away in a darkened room but I did get out the other day only to see Alex Salmond get off a London train with two handlers both of whom were struggling under tons of bags as the big man strode joyfully unburdened through the station. Ah, the privileges of power.

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