Thursday, May 05, 2011

Election countdown: a random round-up

Just a few interesting bits and bobs from the Scottish elections today.

  • A Labour MP has been issuing leaflets saying that the "Tories bite off babies' heads". Possibly a bit too much in the genteel world of Scottish politics. Although Labour had no comment the publisher said "I apologise if it has damaged the Tories' chances of winning a seat in the south of Glasgow". Cheeky beggar.
  • Someone highlighted this piece of feminist cultural analysis the smurfette principle about the tokenism of cartoons that have a load of men and one woman who is essentially a servant (Madame Cholet and Smurfette we're looking at you). It wasn't long before some wag had to mention the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon... oh dear.
  • For Greens in Scotland a little talked about problem is how to vote on the constituency list, as the Greens are only standing on the regional, proportional representation list. I'm bound to secrecy as to how I used my vote (well, until 10 pm) but others have opted to spoil theirs.

From Transform Scotland
  • Adam at Bright Green has a round-up of how to vote in the devolved assemblies and parliaments.

  • Patrick Harvie has the honour of blogging at Better Nation who have been phenomenal during the election. If there was a gold star award for Holyrood blogging Better Nation, and Jeff in particular, would win it hands down (read the predictions of Malc and Jeff for last minute pointless but fascinating speculation that look good for the Greens).

  • My predictions? Pretty boring really... SNP victory, Lib Dems do badly, Greens increase our representation. I don't think there's going to be much off beam today. I think Galloway is very unlikely to be elected, it's possible Margo MacDonald does not retain her seat, but thoughts of Iain Gray losing his personal seat or a breakthrough for a party not represented in Holyrood last time are nothing more than wishful thinking in my view. We'll see soon enough!

  • Ideas of Civilisation has an interesting post on the downside of winning the Holyrood election.

  • And not to forget They owe us a living on education, LPW on 'the trump', Bella Calendonia's thoughtful piece on liminal moments
When are the results in?
  • AV results in: between 8pm and 10pm on Friday and will be announced regionally.
  • English Council election result in: through the night starting at 11.30 am and into Friday. Some councils will only *start* counting on Friday.
  • Leiceister South by-election: Friday evening.
  • Welsh Assembly results in: should be done by Friday 'breakfast'.
  • N. Ireland results in: the results will be declared by 5pm Saturday (!)
  • Holyrood results in: from 2.30am we'll start to see constituency results, from 6am we'll see the first list results full results.

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Jeff said...

Mighty kind of you Jim. Here's me thinking I only dipped my toes into this election.

Sorry the results were not as we predicted...