Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's selection box

  • How the ancient Romans made MSG. Yum?

  • It appears the number of BNP candidate numbers has plummeted, and the Lib Dems are also having trouble. Oh dear.

  • Australian Green Cate Faehrmann tries to learn lessons from the recent NSW elections. Hmmm.

  • Short video from Israelis who say they defy the ban on protest. Yes.

  • Just because it's a council house doesn't mean it's not yours. Right on.

  • Natalie at the Third Estate talks about my third favourite topic. Autonomism. Oh yeah.

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ModernityBlog said...


How many countries in the world are the Greens recommending should be boycotted?

Been asked that question and I could only think of one....I suppose it must be boycotting China, surely Syria? Maybe Burma?

Certainly the Greens must want to boycott Saudi Arabia?

Is that the case? How many countries are the Greens organising boycotts against?

Any Greens actually know?