Friday, April 22, 2011

Tescopoly goes to war with Bristol estate

Economy tanks, replete with the trademark blue stripes, have moved into the sleepy estates of Bristol. Residents last night saw a riot unfold in front of them as aggressive police tactics against a peaceful protest escalated.

Pic h/t Bristol resident Ian Bone
A two year campaign against Tesco moving into this area of Bristol culminated this week as Tesco moved in despite the desires of residents.

It appears that heavy handed policing including the use of dogs and riot police against a peaceful protest led to injuries and arrests that need never have happened.

Three eye witnesses to what then happened are really worth reading. There's the Indymedia report, an account on Our Kingdom, and at Neuro Bonkers. It's also worth checking out Ian Bone.

The press seem remarkably reluctant to report these incidents although the local paper could hardly avoid it.

There's one group of people who can really create a riot where none was before - and that's the riot police

Further reading: Adam's facts about Tesco. Sam Allen on why the council should support the community.


Cathryn said...

The Times wasn't bad on it this morning - putting it properly into the context of the anti-Tesco's campaign, and pointing out that Tescos is unloved everywhere. Not linkable though.

Anonymous said...

You should see our local Tescos if you think it's unloved...

Unloved by a few guilt-ridden middle class apologist maybe, but a godsend for the average Joe and Joanne trying to make ends meet.

They can't afford an organic chicken, some asparagus and a nice sancerre on a weeknight you know.