Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selected items

In the absence of any coverage of the Royal Wedding (I mean this is important! Why aren't the papers covering it?) we have some selected items from the internet;

  • CORRECTION: I previously said that this was the Welsh Greens election broadcast, but in fact it was a a web info-film on the how the voting works. Still lovely, but the actual broadcast is completely different. The greedy beggars have got two great election films under their belt.

  • Two new Green bloggers; Hearts and Mines, and Green Politics Sustainable Futures.

  • Monsters and Critics look at the pragmatic new German Green premier.

  • The end of Communism in West Bengal. From Pickled Politics.

  • Socialist Unity have a shocking transcript of some Lib Dem telephone canvassing.

  • And finally after the great union march against the cuts Martin Wicks asks where we go now?

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