Sunday, April 10, 2011

House of Lords selection results

If the Greens are actually given seats in the House of Lords they'll be the only people sitting there who were actually elected (not correct, see comments) and will be tasked, among other things to replace the institution with a body with more democratic legitimacy. I've just spoken to our ERO and the results are public so here they are.

In  order; Jenny JONES, Emma DIXON, John WHITELEGG, Shahrar ALI, James HUMPHREYS, Rupert READ, Alan FRANCISand three reserves. The first preference votes were as follows (the order changes due to James Humphreys gaining more second and third preferences than Rupert read).

First preferences for the candidates are as follows (you'll have to forgive me skipping the complexity of the entire STV count).

Jenny JONES 692 25.5%
Emma DIXON 439 16.2%
John WHITELEGG 335 12.3%
Shahrar ALI 328 12.1%
Rupert READ 202 7.4%
James HUMPHREYS 180 6.6%
Jessica GOLDFINCH 94 3.5%
Alan FRANCIS 78 2.9%
Rebecca JOHNSON 72 2.7%
Larry SANDERS 50 1.8%
David AHERNE 49 1.8%
Stuart JEFFERY 46 1.7%
Nic BEST 44 1.6%
Hazel DAWE 31 1.1%
Tony SLADE 27 1.0%
Stephen PLOWDEN 19 0.7%

  Re-Open Nominations 27

 Total Valid Vote 2,713

Of course, due to the extraordinary sub-feudal system we may well not get any places in the Lords it's all down to the government's largess. Roll on democracy - that's what I say. Oh, and congratulations to all those who stood of course.


Stuart Neyton said...

I spoilt my ballot. I'd quite like to know the number of invalid votes (like mine) and the numbers for the scottish and northern irish candidates (as if i remember correctly Robin Harper was on the ballot).

That being said this does seem like it's been a huge waste of money. It's not as if the Greens will be guaranteed any seats and even if they were as a principled party we should be having nothing to do with the House of Lords in its unreformed state whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Don't the Lib Dems elect their peers?

Jim Jepps said...

Anon: it appears you're absolutely right! Good on them.

Stuart: Robin withdrew with the Scots deciding to nominate independently so although people may have voted there would have been quite a few (like me) who left him off knowing he wasn't part of it any more.

The NI Greens did nominate someone who then withdrew early I believe for personal reasons which is a shame.

While we're not guarenteed seats if we're offered them we have to name our nominees straight away so we have to democratically decide beforehand to prepare.

It's a sad fact that we need people in the Lords arguing for its abolition in order to abolish it, so let's use that opportunity to argue for greater democracy

Stuart Jeffery said...

Intestering why you have displayed the results as FPTP style rather than STV / AV!

Well done to all the other candidates.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Jim, many people don't like first-past-the-post, but you have get people elected under the system to change it.

Jim Jepps said...

Stuart J - for ease of display - although I've just noticed, now you point it out, I forgot to put in a note making it clear these are first preferences.

Raphael said...

Is it exactly the ones who had been pre-selected by a committee of the great and goods and recommended to voters who have been elected? [a rather unbelievable procedure if I may say so...]

Rupert said...

Raphael; yes, it is.
(I managed to buck the trend on first prefs, but was clawed back over on second prefs - booo to AV! (Just kidding, obviously) ;-)