Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Policy on the monarchy

I thought people might be interested in the official policy of the Green Party of England and Wales towards the monarchy.

  • No person should acquire the right to any office of government by inheritance.
  • The monarchy should cease to be an office of government. The legislative, executive and judicial roles of the monarch should cease.
  • Peers and members of the royal family should have the same civil rights and fiscal obligations as other citizens.
  • We think a settlement of property held by the current royal family should be made, to divide it between that required for the private life of current members of the family and that to be public property.
No guillotines it seems, just pay your taxes and get your nose out of government.


Matt Sellwood said...

More is the pity.


Salman Shaheen said...

I didn't see the word abolition either. They just want to make the royals even more irrelevant...

Jim Jepps said...

We're for taking their power, taking their land and then taxing them like bejeezus - I think that's basically abolition.

You can't stop someone saying "I'm the Queen you know" as they sob into half a shandy at the Old Bulls Head.