Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Misc

  • Al Jazeera asks what are the lessons of Egypt for Palestine?

  • In Australia the Greens are changing their preference voting in that oh-so-not-tactical at all AV system. SMH.

  • The Scotsman warns that in Holyrood in May the winners may not win.

  • Musings of a teen Green thinks we shouldn't bring down the government. Radical stuff.

  • Cllr Maggie Chapman sets out the Greens approach to the council budget in Edinburgh.

  • Adrian Windisch notes that a bunch of criminals have voted.


Anonymous said...

The teenage green doesnt seem much worried about losing EMA/local leisure centres/parental unemployment/tuition fees and youth unemployement then.

Is that representative of young greens?


Jim Jepps said...

Considering that Labour's policy is to salash the deficit as well I think you've missed his point.

He clearly states that he thinks the Tories are wrong on the economy but the purpose of his post is to remind how shit Labour were/are and that a Labour government and it's not an appealing alternative for him.

Although... if you glance back through his other articles he's for building alliances with other groups that also oppose tuition fees, etc.

Anyway, I wouldn't have written that article, but thought it was worth a read.