Thursday, February 03, 2011


The Mirror has the inside track on these things and appears to confirm rumours that Ed Miliband's big idea is to rebrand 'New' Labour. A better logo, a new prefix and bingo - your goblin army is once again fit for purpose. Not that he's renaming New Labour "Goblin Army", that would be just too inspired.

According to Kevin MacGuire;

TALK has started in Ed Miliband’s circle of what to call the Labour Party after he declared “New” Labour dead.

Plain Labour was deemed boring so he’s mulling over fresh descriptions.

Newer, Newest, Renewed and Radical were kicked about. But one very prominent figure, I hear, wants Miliband to adopt Progressive Labour.

The idea is to appear edgy and hoover up unhappy Lib Dems without frightening traditionalists. How very New Labour!

I agree "Plain Labour" would have been an error. As would "Normal Labour", "Everyday Labour" or even "Ordinary Labour" - however each of those would be preferable to the pig's particles that is the phrase "Progressive Labour". The members will hate it!

I have absolutely no idea what is meant to be edgy about the word progressive, I use it myself from time to time, but usually to described left leaning ideas that aren't so left leaning I want to call them left, let alone socialist. Progressive usually describes things like not being too racist, or too homophobic or that people should probably pay their tax.

Essentially things that we'd like to think everyone believes, although sadly that's far from true.

Certainly Miliband's tenure so far has not been particularly noted for its "edgyness" either. Condemning strike action, then pottering about while muttering under his breath - and voters hope he's muttering about the cuts but for all we know he's reciting the lyrics to the Mister Ed theme tune.

As Darrell says "Once again we are reminded of how depressingly hollow Miliband’s commitment to Labour values actually is." I actually think it's quite funny, but then I'm weird like that.


weggis said...

Blue Labour sums it up for me..

Jon Stone said...

I hope he doesn't go for 'radical labour'

I like using that word and I don't want it butchered from its original meaning like 'progressive'

Cathryn said...

"Progressive" always makes me think of fifties suburbia, Rotarians and the like. "You can't stop Progress"

If they want to be edgy, so be it, but Edgy Labour sounds a bit odd to me.

Not entirely sure what's wrong with plain old Labour, myself.

modernity said...

Bored Labour?

Shifty Labour?

Or maybe "we'll stuff you once we've got power again, Labour"

But then again, I think Insipid Labour sums up Miliband better.

Joe Otten said...

As long as he doesn't try to call it Liberal Labour, I don't care.

Btw, Jim, what do you make of Caroline Lucas' sudden opposition to tax rises? (see my blog)

Anonymous said...

what about Forced Labour
"shut up and get back to work!"

Anonymous said...

Hard Labour, Indentured Labour,Labour Exchange, Labour in Vain, Labour Camp… Hey Weggis when are we going to get Lefties part 2?

Jim Jepps said...

What about Big Labour, or No Immigrants Labour?

Joe: I watched it last night and think you might be making more of a throw away line than it could bear.

I am off course in favour of an overall increase in the tax burden - but by taxing the richest harder and the poorest less.

This idea of a carbon tax is interesting but i noticed she said 'tax incomes less' rather than actually advocating the abolition of income tax.

It's a difficult environment to get across policy - but better than with Paxman and co who only really seem interested in point scoring (against all politicians)