Monday, January 03, 2011

Updating... archives, feminism, blogs and cats

This week I'm going to be engaging in two blog series here at the Daily (Maybe). One stems from the fact that I've discovered how to find archived material from the bowels of the internet even after the page they originally sat on no longer exists.

That means I'm going to do a little series of 'from the archives' of pieces I wrote some time ago in other places.

Some I still agree with - others are more like historical curiosities, although I've decided not to repost my article against proportional representation. I'm letting it lie. Generally though it feels like I'm rescuing my past work from oblivion so please bare with me.

Incidentally, is that the right bare, or is it bear? I'm never sure.

The second series is an ABC of feminism that's starting tonight. This consists of five guest posts from feminists attempting to give a bit of a beginners' guide to, well, feminism. Thanks to all the contributors who've submitted their pieces and to those who are still polishing theirs to perfection.

This follows my ongoing interest in gender politics. See, for example, my article why feminism has been good for men.

I'm also pleased to announce that the cat of award goes to Caspar, the public transport cat, who passed away early in 2010. I genuinely find this rather moving... I really must get out more. Caspar only just pipped at the post Bob, the streetwise cat, God bless them both.

Caspar the public transport cat
Bob the streetwise cat
Alfie the resurrection cat

Talking of online projects you can read my piece on the welfare bill at new anti-capitalist group blog here and my piece on Pakistan was cross posted at Liberal Conspiracy here.


Strategist said...

"please bare with me. Incidentally, is that the right bare, or is it bear? I'm never sure."

Jim, it's definitely bear, as in "please help me to carry this burden", or "please help me while I endure this grief"

Jim Jepps said...

That's really useful - thanks!

Strategist said...

ps loving the trawl through the archives - keep going!