Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six on a Wednesday

  • Bright Green are looking for nominations for their dick of the year. You can read my nomination of French President Sarkozy here.

  • Up in Kirklees the Greens aren't just advocating decent public transport, they're actually running it!

  • Charlie Pottins wishes a good class fighter farewell.

  • Apparently 114 Labour MPs are going to campaigning against AV despite the fact that page 63 of their general election manifesto says that they support AV because they want to "ensure that every MP is supported by the majority of their constituents voting at each election". Jane expands on this and Sunny looks at the Labour reaction.

  • New Zealand Greens call for troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan after a bungled SAS raid kills two security guards in Kabul.

  • False economy has a useful anti-cuts events/organisations listing. Use it!

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