Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Readers Requests: short story edition

Occasionally I open the blog up for requests from the readers. Last time I wrote half a dozen posts on a variety of subjects and left one unwritten. Well, actually it's a half written screed on animal rights and I'll try to get it sorted before 2010 runs dry.

It's that time again, but this time there'll be a twist. In a radical departure for this blog I'm going to write a short story. Don't worry, I wont make a habit of it, but I like to push the boundaries occasionally.

So what I want from you are suggestions for characters, plot, setting, or objects to include - whatever takes your fancy. Leave them in the comments if you please.

Try not to get too detailed as I'm writing the story, not you, but we'll call it a joint collaberation if you want some of the no doubt copious reflected glory. I don't guarentee to include everything, but I will use your suggestions as inspiration.

Who knows how this will end up, it's a bit of risk to be honest, but if it's a dog's breakfast at least it's only one post and we can all move along, passing over the disaster both calmly and with decorum.


BenSix said...

A tale of blood, sex and Gramscian theory in the militant left...

weggis said...

Objects to include -
Bacon sandwich
Characters -
A Cat named....
Setting -
The global village

Jim Jepps said...

Ben: It's sooo long since I read any Gramsci... but it's all coming back to me now.

Weggis: expect to see at least some of those suggestions in the final work.