Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ethical Christmas ideas

I usually celebrate Winterval by reading Mao Tse Tung's juvenile poetry and then contemplating the considerable harm that the bourgeois family structure does to children, especially at this time of year. But there was a time before I was a card carrying member of the loony left so I understand the need for gift ideas for those family and friends who are still plagued with the false consciousness we know as 'Christmas Cheer';


You will need cards for workmates, pals and distant relatives. Why not combine your best wishes with ideological purity? Friends of the Earth have some lovely cards, as does Red Pepper.

Wrapping up warm

Over at Philosophy Football there is a right-on shirt for every occasion. There's even lefty mugs and the like, each with a revolutionary quote or football related aphorism.

Liar, Liar

When I first heard there was another campaign to get a political song to number one I was in two minds. Rage Against the Machine was a tried and tested beautiful song of fury and it was bliss itself when it got the top slot last year. Liar, Liar was created especially for the task and so I put off listening to it, assuming it was overly worthy and low on dancability.

However, when I heard it at the demo on Thursday, blasting out from a double-decker bus hired for the occasion I was pleasantly surprised. It's rather good. In which case, why not purchase a copy of Liar, Lair and help get it to Christmas Number One this year.

Details to buy at Lib Con, and you can preview the video here.

Adopt an activist

You've sponsored all the donkeys and you're stuck for what to sponsor next? People and Planet are encouraging people to adopt an activist. Yes, you too can have a flag swinging, Royal prodding student activist of your own. The perfect gift for the lonely socialist in your life.

Bits and bobs

The Guardian answers your Christmas tree questions, and don't forget ethical decorations. The Mail recommends eco-lights and booze. The Telegraph has fifty tips - fifty! Talking of publications you could subscribe someone to the Ecologist for a year and get free stuff.

Then again Lush can supply you with a retro Christmas package, for those who like their Christmases untainted by neo-liberalism or liberal guilt. Another smelly might be soapnuts, which are the ridiculously green alternative to washing powder.

Alternatively if you only buy from collectives, rather than companies then Who made your pants is for you.

Anyway, hope some of that helps!