Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Misc

A few selected links;

  • You might like to try out Alice Rose Bell.

  • You might like to help Greenpeace build a new Rainbow Warrior.

  • Greens Engage is not my favourite site but this piece by Jessica Goldfinch is rather strong.

  • Hagley Road to Ladywood starts a new feature: cliches of 2010.

  • Raphael has been looking at how the immigration cap has effected scientific research.

  • And finally the Daily Mail has finally taken to parodying itself. They launch their campaign on turning the clocks back by demanding "don't let them make you live your life on Berlin time!" Glorious.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with "Greens engage"?

Jim Jepps said...

It's a very boring one issue website.

Anonymous said...

oh, thanks

I wondered why there was the need for a website to keep an eye on green anti-semitism myself.

Anonymous said...

"It's a very boring one issue website."

I know - antisemitism in the Green Party is so boring.

Looks like you don't care about antisemitism Jim.

Jim Jepps said...

Feel free to leave your name when commenting anon.

Greens engage's contention is that there is institutional anti-semitism in the Green Party, and that's not correct.

Anyway, mental note to self, if I link positively to an interesting Greens Engage article GE people will leave shitty comments - so perhaps I wont do that again.

Raphael said...


I don't know who anon is and don't care. Thanks for the link to GE (and to rapha-z-lab too).

Antisemitism is a serious problem in the GP. This includes holocaust comparisons such as those discussed in Jess post. The vilification and regular call for exclusion of GE on internal email lists is only adding to that problem. It is a problem which was recognized by the GP institutions themselves as you know. I hope that it is addressed rather than denied.

Sorry to bore you and I hope you will find interesting posts on GE in the future. You are even welcome to comment.


weggis said...

Yes, GE publish in their own names. Why would any of them choose to be anonymous here?

Jessica Goldfinch said...

@Jim Jepps
many thanks and now I know about your website too, so will be checking in.
I'm fairly new to this posting malarky, so I'm flattered to be linked.
As my daughter says "Cheerseroo!"

Jim Jepps said...

Hi Jessica,

no problem - I thought your piece was really well written and thoughtful. That's all it takes to get linked to! :)

Anonymous said...

I am the first anon above (post 1 and 3).

I have no link with Greens or Jewish Groups (or any political party/group). I have a close relative who fought the Nazis and saw what happened to jews first-hand. He impressed a few things on me as a young boy. Things like this thread always catch my radar.

Why Mr Jepps supposes I am from 'Greens Engage' is itself rather strange. It is also a little worrying to hear that the group are 'villified' and that there are calls to exclude them from internal emails lists and the like.

Jim Jepps said...

If you're looking for the moral high ground anon it's in the place where people go by their own names.

Anonymous said...


that's a cop out Mr Jepps

my name has no bearing

why does Green Engage feel itself 'villified' and why are attempts made to exclude them from internal lists?

John Mullen said...

You know feeling vilified is easy. I do it once a week just to keep in practice.

Anonymous said...

interesting Mr Mullen

now try answering the question